Recent Work
Most recent images of my work

BurnsLight Festival 2009
The creation and burning of the Tam O'Shanter willow scultpture for the BurnsLight celebrations in Dumfries, SW Scotland, January 2009

Whirling Dervish at Shambellie House
Construction of a Whirling Dervish in the grounds of Shambellie House, National Museum of Costume in New Abbey, SW Scotland

Giant Willow Scultptures
Constructed for Events, such as The Wickerman, and the Edinburgh Hogmany Festivals

Life Size Willow Sculptures
A variety of creatures and figures

Living Willow
Planted and constructed in the right way, living willow sculptures will continue to grow after they are created

Willow Baskets

Willow Coffins

Harvesting Willow
Images of willow being cut and bundled.